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Lumpkin County Senior Center

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Homemaking Services

Our Services

As of July 2003, our center will not supply Homemaking services to our clients.  This service has been given to Southern Home Care Services out of Blue Ridge.  For more information about their services, please call (770)297-90165 or go to their website at www.shcs -
The Homemaker is a semi-professional, trained to work with elderly people to help them to be as independent as possible.  The Homemaker works on a two hour a week basis per client and will do everything she can to create a supportive, cheerful home environment, while being careful not to change the standards set by the members of the family.  
Services provided by the Homemaker are:  
  • Routine Light Housekeeping - vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, mopping, emptying trash and garbage, laundry, cleaning rooms, changing linens, defrosting refrigerator, cleaning range and ironing
  • Proper Nutrition - preparing meals and washing dishes, encouraging proper nutrition and assisting with eating
  • Home Management - grocery shopping, assisting with bill paying, assisting with food stamp or other application process, and assisting with scheduling medical appointments
  • Emergency Response - know who clients doctor and others to call in case of an emergency
  • Safety - assist towards all possible self-sufficiency and a safe environment
  • Resources - know other community programs and services for client assistance
  • Companionship - serves as companion and respects the confidentiality of families served
  • Observer - reports to her supervisor important changes in the condition of the family or individual

The Homemaker does not do the following:  heavy housework, such as spring or fall house cleaning, laundry of curtains, shaking of rugs, carrying about large loads or moving heavy furniture; selling or giving of food, homemade articles, or commercial products to clients; lending or giving of money to client or family; accept gifts, articles, or clothing.

Homemaking Service assessments will be completed by Senior Center staff.  The first assessment will be made three months after service begins.  Assessments thereafter will take place every six months, as long as quality service has been provided.

** Look under HDM for Steps to receiving services.