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Lumpkin County Senior Center

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Emergency Procedures/Incident & Accident Policy

Emergency Procedures
It is important to keep emergency procedures up to date.  Although the Senior Center staff are certified in CPR and First Aid, they are not medical staff, so emergency medical care will be called for assistance.  Persons having advanced directives requesting no resuscitation need to know these do not apply at the centers.  Once a person is transported to a medical facility, a physician will determine whether or not it is appropriate to put advanced directives into practice.
Incident and Accident Policy

Should a client be injured or become ill while at one of our centers----

  1. An ambulance will be called if there is any indication the client is at risk or needs emergency medical care.
  2. A staff member will administer First Aid/CPR until more qualified help arrives.
  3. A staff member will designate someone to call the clients emergency contact.
  4. If a client is transported by ambulance to the hospital, a staff member will accompany them and wait until a family member or responsible person arrives.
  5. If a client refuses to be transported by ambulance to the hospital and the emergency personnel recommend this, a family member or responsible party must come and get the client immediately.  Our staff will not transport clients who are ill or have been injured if emergency aid is recommended and is refused by the client.
  6. If a client is injured at the center an accident report will be completed.
  7. Should a client become ill at the center, a detailed account of what happened and what action was taken will be written and placed in the clients file.  Medical assistance will be offered.
  8. First aid kits and emergency contact information are located at center and in vans.

Any expense incurred by the provision of medical services will be the responsibility of the client.

At the Lumpkin County Senior Center, our staff keeps updated medical and emergency contact information on all seniors.  This practice allows us to be prepared in the event of an emergency.