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Lumpkin County Senior Center

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Participant Rights & Responsibilities

Participants have the right to:
  • Be told of available services and be given advanced notice when services are being changed.  Clients need to know when activities are being held, holidays are coming up when meals will not be served, activities are cancelled.
  • Participate in planning activities, when possible.
  • Voice a grievance if they feel they are treated unfairly or denied services without reason.

We ask that you try to work out any problems at the local level first.  The Grievance Procedure is for problems that cannot be solved at the senior center level or if a participant feels their services have been changed or terminated unfairly, they feel they have been treated unfairly or mistreated or they feel their rights have been violated or they are discriminated against.  Anyone may file a grievance if they feel they need to.  No one will be discriminated against for filing a grievance.

If you need assistance with a grievance, you may request help from your Center Director, a friend, or family member.  Grievances must be in writing and your answer will be given to you in writing.

  • Be told that a file of information is kept at the Senior Center.  All of the information in this file is confidential.  Other participants are not to see or receive their personal information.  This information is also not given to people in the community, bill collectors or anyone else.  The only people who know what is in this file are emergency personnel, center staff and programs that monitor the Senior Center.  The file contains basic information and emergency contact information.  It is    important that participants let the center staff know if there is a change in their medical condition or a change in their emergency contact information.   The Center needs to know who to call if they are ill.  The center also needs to know if they have special medication for emergencies and where they keep it.
  • Participants have the right to view their records upon request and during business hours.
  • The Senior Center does not discriminate against anyone.
  • The Senior Center is handicap accessible.
  • Every participant will be treated with respect and dignity.

Responsibilities as a Senior Center Participant: 
  • Let the Senior Center Director know if  they are going out of town or are not planning to be at the center for some reason on a day regularly attended. 
  • Contribute to services according to income.
  • Abide by the Rules of Participation.
  • Treat others with the same respect and dignity expected for yourself.
  • Follow the Meals Reservation/Cancellation Policy.
  • Keep center clean and neat.
  • Enjoy time at the center. 
  • Not to remove food from the building, except fresh fruit.  The state requires this rule in order to prevent cases of food poisening.