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Lumpkin County Senior Center

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Our Site Council
 A site council is an elected advisor body of the Senior Center staff.  In serving the center it has this role:
  1. An advisory body in broad areas related to the delivery of nutrition services at the center and the evaluation of these services.
  2. An organized group to assist with the planning and development of the centers daily and monthly programs.
  3. If an individual becomes disruptive, the site council will refer to the Disruptive Behavior Policies to determine the appropriate action to correct the situation.
  4. An advocacy group to represent the interests and needs of the participants.
  5. A self-help group to create informal support activities for elderly persons in need of socialization, emotional reassurance, physical and assistance material support.
  6. A connecting link between the center and community in the development and provision of services to the community.

Council Members

  1. The council shall be composed entirely of registered center participants who attend the center on a regular basis.
  2. It shall consist of 4 to 6 members depending upon the number of participants at the center. 
  3.  The Center Director and Activities Coordinator shall be ex-officio members of the council.
  4. Members shall be elected to a one year term.
  5. Any member who is absent on three consecutive meetings without an excuse considered valid by the site council shall be replaced through a special election.


  1. Maximum publicity and notices of the election shall be posted in appropriate locations in the center at least two weeks prior to the election.
  2. Elections may be by secret ballot, voice vote, or standing vote.
  3. Provisions shall be made to provide mail ballots when necessary.


  1. The site council shall meet regularly, at least quarterly, at a time agreed upon by the members.
  2. The President may call other meetings of the council as deemed necessary.


  1. Council Committees
  1. The council may establish committees to assist them in the discharge of its responsibilities.
  2. Registered participants other than site council members may be appointed to the committees.
  3. The committee chairpersons shall report regularly to the site council.
  4. Committees may include, but are not limited to the following:
      • Food Service
      • Menu Review
      • Hospitality                    
      • Community Service
      • Program Planning         
      • Transportation