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Lumpkin County Senior Center

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To become a participant of the senior center one must:
  • Be age 55 years or above or the spouse of one 60 years or above (under 60 must pay for congregate meals).
  • Be ambulatory with or without assistive devices.
  • Be able to perform activities of daily living independently.
  • Not exhibit severe confusion or wander if unattended.
  • Have no functional or other impairments which hinder the capacity to participate in any activity in the center or if there is an impairment have willingness to make  adaptations when necessary to receive full benefit from participation in the center programs.  There may be activities (i.e. trips) in which all participants are not able to take part due to impairment.
  • Be supportive of the contribution philosophy.
  • Comply with center rules and procedures (i.e. smoking or non-smoking areas, meals and transportation reservation system); all rules, procedures and policies established by the Senior Center Site Council.
  • Must agree to provide necessary information for client files.  This information will be recorded by the Programs Coordinator within two-three visits of a center participant.  These forms will be included in the file:
    • Emergency Procedure
    • Intake Client Registration
    • Nutrition Information (NSDI)
    • Income Form
    • Client Notification
    • Service Plan
    • Case Notes
    • Determination of Need (Don-R)
    • Authorization for Information

Release of Information

As part of the participant file, a Release of Information form is signed.  The only people who are allowed to see the personal information are people who monitor the Senior Center and emergency medical people.  Remember, no one else is allowed to see this file or to obtain personal information.

Liability Waivers

For some activities, participants may be asked to sign a liability waiver.  These activities are optional and those not willing to sign waivers will not be allowed to participate.

Rules of Participation

Participant Rights & Responsibilities


Questions or feedback?  Give us a call at 706-864-2358