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Lumpkin County Senior Center

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Our Volunteers

"From The Heart" - This article was written by Rhonda Bailey, Lumpkin County Senior Center director. 
"Any good that I can do or any kindness that I can show, let me do it now, for I shall not pass this way again."


The Senior Center is totally dependent upon the 40+ volunteers that give of themselves throughout the year.
Several volunteers play the piano and sing to entertain us.  We have volunteers who come in to help serve meals at the center.  During the school year, we have about six physical therapy students who come in on Friday mornings to exercise with the Seniors.  There is one volunteer who comes occasionally just to visit and paint the ladies' fingernails.  During tax season, Paul McClure helps with tax preparation and MOW, while Geraldine McClure comes to the center on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for crafts.
Each day brings in four to eight different volunteers to deliver Meals on Wheels--some deliver in teams of two and some work alone.  They are college students, retired husbands and wives, fathers and sons, and friends delivering meals to the homebound of our county.  I wish every person in Lumpkin County had the privilege of walking into the home of an elderly lady or gentleman and seeing their face light up at least once.  You are a bright moment in the day of that person and you might just be the only one they see and talk to that day.


When asked what her favorite part about delivering meals is, Ann Rice, who has been deliverying meals for 10 years said,"I have met the nicest people and the meals and our visits mean so much to them.  I also love driving through our countryside.  It's so beautiful."
Dianne Case heard about the need for Meals on Wheels volunteers on the radio two years ago.  She has always enjoyed working with the elderly and thought this would be a great way of getting to know some of the people of Dahlonega.  She has never regretted a minute of it and looks forward to her day to deliver.  "Everyone is so kind and appreciative.  I feel this is truly a blessing for me to have the opportunity to do this."


Michael Lee enjoys praying and visiting with the folks.  Many of the volunteers spend a couple of hours just visiting.
I have yet to meet a volunteer that doesn't truly enjoy what they do--they're not in it for the money.  They actually do it because they care.  It is strictly from the heart.
Daily, we receive calls from our homebound clients telling us how much they appreciate the meals and the visits from our volunteers.
Anyone interested in being a volunteer can call the center at 864-2358.  There are three openings for Meals on Wheels right now, and during the summer, many of our volunteers take vacation.  It only takes one to two hours, one day a week.  We are always looking for new activity ideas, so if you have a special talent of skill that you could share with us, let us know.  We guarantee you will receive more than you give.
To our volunteers--we thank you for giving of your time and yourselves.  What a blessing you are!


A Priceless Gift
The words you say, your gentle heartfelt smile all mean so much.
You're there with care in all you do, and make us glad we count on you.
You always give us peace of mind, and brighten lives by being kind.
You do more than your share each day to help those you meet along the way.
Thank you for providing a welcoming lift.
As a volunteer you give a priceless gift.
--from Positive Promotions